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Kent Companion Dog Training

Alexis Robertson

Services available 

Focus and Impulse control course 

Does your dog lack focus? 
Need help with self control, something dogs aren't born with? 
This 7 week course works on these things with games and exercises for you to practice at home. 

Start date: May 13th at 5.45pm 
cost £75 


Is your dog over reactive?

Is your dog barking and lunging at other dogs? or people? Visitors to the home? 

This package is designed for you. 

jrt lunging.jpg

Free 30 minute phone consultation 

The first step is to drop me an email and I will call you back for free where we can discuss your dog and his/her needs. 

We then book in your 2 in person visits. 

dog training.jpg

Initial Consultation 

This visit is approximately 2-2.5 hours long. My approach is to look at the whole picture, everything you and your dog do can affect the way they behave. I will get you started on changing your walks for good. The information is also sent to you via email after the visit.

I am available to be contacted via Whatsapp throughout our journey.  

dogs walking together.jpg

Second consultation 

The second visit is usually 7-10 days after the first one. It is slightly shorter at 1.5-2 hours long. We will progress the training and fine tune any areas that need it. 

I will be there to support you throughout. 

The cost of all this is £270-300 

(depending on travel)

One to One training 
(at your home)

Sometimes classes are not suitable for either the dog or the owner. 

And some behaviours would be better worked on at home. This is where a 1:1 session is ideal. I offer 1:1 sessions on most behavioural issues or just basic training.

Puppy package 

Have you got a new puppy but cant make it to classes, or just don't want to do classes or maybe you'd like extra help as well as classes? 

The puppy package consists of 2 visits, the first one is at the home and the second is at home and on a walk. 

The cost of this package is £150-£170 dependent on travel distance.  

Basic training 

Are you having trouble with lead walking, recall or any other basic training requirements? 

A home visit could be exactly what you need. 

These are 2 hours long and cost £95-120 for the session. 

Behaviour consultations 

Some behaviours that our dogs do can cause issues at home or on walks, but they can often be worked on and modified. 

From separation issues to fear of visitors to the home. 

A behaviour consultation is usually 2.5-3 hours long and costs £120-£150. 

Online course for Fearful dogs 

A new online course on Teachable for people who have a fearful dog, reacting towards strangers and other dogs. Its simple to follow the videos and has written information for those who like to read through as well.


Workshops and specials! 

I have published 4 books. 
All of them are available on Amazon 

"Lets calm things down" 
This book is for people who have over reactive, anxious dogs. It's a simple to follow training programme. 
Let's calm things down: A simple to follow training programme for your overreactive dog, change your walks for good: Robertson, Alexis: 9789403624525: Books

"Rescue a dog, the right way" 
This book is for people thinking about adopting a dog or who are just about to adopt. 
Rescue a dog, the right way!: A simple guide to choosing the right dog, how to settle them in and make a friend for life.: Robertson, Alexis: 9789403645315: Books

"Raising a puppy, the right way" 
Perfect for people thinking of getting a puppy or those already getting one! 
Raising a puppy, the right way: A simple to follow guide for choosing and raising a puppy, from choosing a breed to preventing jumping up and lots more: Alexis Robertson: 9789403656588: Books

"Dogs off lead, the safe way" 
Great for dogs in need of recall training.

My books for puppies, rescue dogs, over reactive dogs and Control off lead. 

puppy book cover pic .jpg

Exciting new project.... 
Companion Dog Trainers Academy

Myself and fellow trainer, Lyn wilson have set up an academy for aspiring trainers and those trainers who would like to continue their training journey! 
Do you want to be a trainer? We can help and offer free membership as part of joining one of our 6 day courses, part of membership is mentoring you as needed. 

When setting up this academy, we highlighted a need for a course to teach skills and knowledge to others before taking the step of accreditation and having the right tools to teach others.

We firmly believe that to be a good instructor/assistant, you need to have an understanding of dogs behaviour, different breed traits, the mechanics of how to train a dog, the skill to translate that to owners and a big toolbox of methods as not one suits all dogs or their humans.

On the course, we will cover:

  • A vast range of different methods to add to your toolbox

  • Confidence building exercises

  • Networking, making connections and contacts

  • Two qualified and experienced instructors, passionate about what we do.

  • Problem solving and helping others effectively.

  • A deeper understanding of human and canine behaviour

  • An understanding of other dog activites.


What we ask from you:

  • To be courteous and respectful of others and their views

  • If you have a question….ask it!

  • To help others if you can and give feedback constructively

  • Get involved! This is very much an interactive course.

  • Learn as much as you can from us and each other through our discussions.

  • To be kind to everyone and their dogs and of course your dogs needs must come first.

We hope that you really enjoy the course

Lyn and Alexis

This course is aimed at teaching you or extending current skills and knowledge for you to be able to help pet dog owners in a confident, professional, safe and positive manner. It is a teaching course, not an assessment course.

Please email: for more information and to book! 

Our next course is in Bourne, Peterborough in September 

 Class Gallery 

Here are some images of my classes! 



My name is Alexis and I have been working with dogs for the last 16 years. I started out by helping at a local dog training club.

Then I started my studies and still continue to learn today. It is very important for trainers to continue learning, keeping themselves up to date with the latest scientific findings

plus new ideas on how to help dogs with specific behaviours. I try to do several courses/workshops/seminars a year. 

My qualifications 

I have a level 5 university diploma in Canine Behaviour and Management from Harper Adams university. 

I gained merit in my advanced instructors' practical skills with the PDTI at Harper Adams University. I now tutor once a year to help other aspiring trainers. 

I have also completed the instructor's course with Robert Alleyne of, The dog owners club.

I have completed courses/workshops with School of canine science, The Academy of modern canine behaviour and training and the PDTI 

I am a qualified Dog Bite Prevention Educator 

I am currently a professional member of the PDTI and A supporting member of the IAABC

with an intention to complete my credentials membership.

I have just begun learning BSL, something i've always wanted to do. 

My work life 

I started my dog walking business back in 2009 and at the same time I was helping at a local dog training club. 

 I was an assessor for the Kennel Club, assessing breeders for 3 years.

I believe good breeding is essential and would urge anyone looking for a puppy to look at the Assured Breeders Scheme list. 

I was also an Animal Welfare Manager at a rescue for 3 years which included dogs,

it is so sad to see so many dogs needing a space in rescue due to not having a good upbringing or training. 

We owe it to the dogs to do our best for them. 

Throughout this time, I have continued to run my dog training business part time and 

I now train full time and love every minute of it. 

Cancelation policy:
Please note: I can only refund money if you cancel your course at least 2 weeks in advance of the start date. Please only book a course/workshop if you can attend. Thank you.  

Covering all of Kent 


Hall venue: 

Bromley green road


TN26 2EE 



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