Kent Companion Dog Training

Alexis Robertson

I have published 2 books. 
Both are available on Amazon 

"Lets calm things down" 
This book is for people who have over reactive, anxious dogs. It's a simple to follow training programme. 
Let's calm things down: A simple to follow training programme for your overreactive dog, change your walks for good: Robertson, Alexis: 9789403624525: Books

"Rescue a dog, the right way" 
This book is for people thinking about adopting a dog or who are just about to adopt. 
Rescue a dog, the right way!: A simple guide to choosing the right dog, how to settle them in and make a friend for life.: Robertson, Alexis: 9789403645315: Books


We run classes in Ashford, Kent 

Basic training for puppies and adult dogs. 

6 week course for £60 

Trick Training courses

4 weeks for £40 

Off lead control courses

4 weeks for £40 

Basic training: 

Mondays and Fridays 

Trick Training: 


Off lead control: 


All courses must be booked, contact me for the next start date. 

1:1 Sessions

Some dogs and people don't suit the class environment and would prefer to learn in their own home. 

I offer 1:1 sessions across Kent

These sessions can be for basic training, puppy training or fun things such as tricks or scent work. 

A 1:1 usually lasts about 2 hours and price varies on location in Kent. 

Behaviour Consults

These sessions are suitable to those owners who are struggling with some of their dogs behaviour or if a dog is struggling with elements of his/her life. 

For example, if your dog is barking at other dogs or people, if your dog is anxious, afraid of people, can't be left alone....

There are many issues that people struggle with and you may need help to understand why your dog does what he/she does and how you can learn to live more harmoniously. 

A behaviour consult usually lasts 2-3 hours and price varies dependent on your loaction in Kent. 

Instructors course 

What will we cover.....? 

You'll be teaching real dog owners
Discussing methods 
Learning how people learn 
How the dog learns 
Running through a complete course for pet dog owners 
How to critique and praise people

Each week we will be together 3 hours, 1 hour of which will be the class with real dog owners. The rest of the time will be used to practice teaching, playing useful games to help our understanding. 

Please note your own dog may only attend on week 2 of the course. 
The course is priced at £300 
Short courses and workshops

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My name is Alexis and I have been working with dogs for the last 14 years. I started out by helping at a local dog training club. Then I started my studies and still continue to learn today. 

My qualifications 

I have a level 5 university diploma in Canine Behaviour and Management. 

I gained merit in my advanced instructors practical skills with the PDTI at Harper Adams University. 

I have also completed the Instructors course with Robert Alleyne of The dog owners club. 

My work life 

Previously I was an assessor for the Kennel Club, assessing breeders. I believe good breeding is essential and would urge anyone looking for a puppy to look at the Assured Breeders Scheme list. 

I was also an Animal Welfare Manager at a rescue which included dogs, it is so sad to see so many dogs needing a space in rescue due to not having a good upbringing or training. 

We owe it to the dogs to do our best for them. 

I now train full time and love every minute of it. 

Heading 5


"Absolutely amazing. Alexis and staff help to make sure that you really understand what you need to be doing and in the correct way" 

Sarah Witts